March 2020

Social Contact / / / Social Distancing

It’s a simple procedure — remove one element from a complex machine and observe how the machine adapts, compensates, falters or malfunctions. In our present scenario, we have been instructed to remove this one element: social contact. In its absence, we are better able to understand in what it consists…

June 2018

“Art as Community”

1.0 The artist has become a brand, enslaved to the exigencies of the business card and its absurdly singular nominations, codified in the incessant stream of Instagram stories and self-affirming status updates, swept along by the “me” mentality of free cultural agents striving to pin their personas on a slender…

“I can’t breathe.” Eric Garner. July 17, 2014.
“I can’t breathe.” George Floyd. May 25, 2020.

Dad, you asked me to promise that I would quit smoking when you offered to help me with the purchase of the property where I run my non-profit and where I reside, the same…

Luke Ellinger

writer of fiction, poetry and essays

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